Saturday, March 21, 2015

Treating Itchy Skin With Home Remedies

Does your dog have dry or itchy skin? Are they frequently scratchy and digging? If so, here are some home remedies I use on my dogs to relieve itching and add some shine to their coat.

1) Vitamin E

The first remedy I recommend is giving your dog vitamin E because it adds nutrients and moisture to dry skin. If a dog suffers from dry skin, rashes and hair loss, a vitamin E deficiency could be the cause. You can add some vitamin E oil to their bath or give them a proper dose in pill form. According to petMD, vitamin E can also help reduce inflammation, strengthen the heart and improve an older dog's memory. 

Vitamin E has many health benefits for your dog. Before giving your dog a pill, make sure to check with your vet for the correct dosage.

When I give Brody a bath, I pour a teaspoon of the oil into the water and let him soak in it for 10 minutes. Brody has skin allergies due to a vitamin deficiency. The oil helps soothe rashes and moisturizes his flaky skin. Immediately after the bath, his skin feels softer. I also noticed he doesn't shed as much.

2) Apple Cider Vinegar With Mother

Apple cider vinegar is also a popular home remedy. I rave about apple cider vinegar because it alleviates Brody's itchy skin, increases fur growth, and clears skin bacteria. You can apply the vinegar directly to their coat or pour a teaspoon in their water bowl. The Whole Dog Journal claims the vinegar improves digestion and prevents arthritis as well.

Raw and unpasteurized apple cider vinegar made from organic apples is considered to be the healthiest type for dogs.

However, there is some controversy over the amount of vitamins and minerals that companies say is in the vinegar. Regular apple cider vinegar has been proven to only contain small traces of potassium and other minerals. For your dog to have the best results, apple cider vinegar with mother is recommended.

3) Fish Oil

Fish oil is another remedy to improve skin and coat health. The oil adds shine to a dog's coat and reduces skin inflammation. You can buy fish oil in soft capsules or liquid form. In addition to skin and coat benefits, the oil can renew energy, protect against auto immune diseases and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Fish oil can improve skin and heart health.

Most dog foods do contain Omega-3 so only a small dose is required. According to The Whole Dog Journal, a healthy dosage is 100 to 150 mg EPA and DHA per 10 pounds of body weightHigh dosages of fish oil can be harmful to your dog so talk to a vet to determine if your dog is lacking in supplements.

All of the remedies can be found at a grocery store or you might even have them in your kitchen cupboard already. While vitamins and vinegars, are beneficial to dogs it's important to determine exactly what supplement your dog is lacking to have the most positive outcome.

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